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Kindergarten is a very important step in a child's life. Kindergarten prepares children for group collaborations as well as the 1st grade curriculum. You are welcome to join us on Friday for Show and Tell. We would love to have you join the Miramonte family!


  • Math: By the end of Kindergarten, students understand the consistency of small numbers and simple shapes in their everyday environment. They count, compare, describe and sort objects. 
  • Language Arts: Kindergarteners spend time learning letters and letter sounds. They use this knowledge to read simple sentences. Kindergarten students also learn how to write simple words and sentences correctly . In addition to reading and writing, students gain oral communication skills by practicing listening and speaking. 
  • Physical Education: Children develop large and small muscles through body movement activities in PE class four times a week. 
  • Fine Arts: Students create meaningful visual art and experience performing arts by doing skits and puppet shows. Music and movement activities occur daily, and weekly music classes teach children singing, classroom instruments, and rhythmic skills. 
  • Technology: Weekly trips to the computer lab help Kindergarteners develop basic computer skills. 
  • Social Studies, Science, and Bible


These are the monthly theme units and special events for the current school year: 

  • August: Welcome to School! (Back to School Family Picnic) 
  • September: This is Me (This is Me! Night) 
  • October: Healthy Foods and Activities (Field Trip to Whole Foods, Family Dinner) 
  • November: America and the First Thanksgiving (K-1 Native American Days, Thanksgiving Vespers) 
  • December: Christmas (Class Gift Exchange, School-wide Christmas Musical) 
  • January: Our Planet (Field Trip to Hidden Villa Farm, Winter Art Show, and Snow Day)
  • February: Insects (Insect Discovery Lab) 
  • March: Animals (Field Trip to Oakland Zoo) 
  • April: Plants (Field Trip to Redwood Grove) 
  • May: People Around Me (End of the Year Celebration)