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Seventh Grade

It is my conviction that all students have the capacity to learn and accomplish great things if they are given the tools, support, and inspiration to do so. According to Linda Lumsden and her work on student motivation to learn, “Motivation to learn is a competence acquired through general experience but stimulated most directly through modeling, communication of expectations, and direct instruction or socialization by significant others (especially parents and teachers)”(Lumsden, 1994).

As a teacher, I am not only a facilitator of instruction but also serve as a guide for the students as they explore their own interests because this is what builds intrinsic motivation and desire from within. In order for these things to happen students must feel and be in a safe learning environment that promotes discussion and interaction with his/her peers.

To teach in a manner that is reflective of our society I incorporate technology daily within the classroom. It is these real-world experiences that students engage in which enhance every lesson that I teach. Finally, all of the components of a successful classroom and student cannot be possible if it is not for the guidance and relationship one has with their Heavenly Father.

As the classroom teacher, it is my special privilege to work with students one-on-one and as a class so that they may establish and foster a solid relationship with their personal Savior.